Healthcare Samples

We have provided samples of documents that you can Voice Activate with our patent-pending Talking Folio solution.  Any document in healthcare can be Voice activated by brands.  Whether the documents are for the segments of individual, commercial, government programs, general sales and marketing collateral or even employees,

These samples will help you see how you can add Voice information to help customers manage and comprehend their paperwork easier, using their Alexa, Google Assistant or other Voice assistant.

  • Explanation of Benefits

    This is a sample EOB document.  The customer can ask for more information about any of the fields marked with a megaphone.  You can choose and pick which fields you want to provide more information on.

  • Insurance Benefits

    This is a sample benefits sheet.  You can Voice activate any of the fields on the document to provide examples of how costs are divided between you and the consumer or to clarify wording in the document.

  • Insurance Application

    This is a sample insurance form that customers have to fill out.  Voice activation provides customers help with any field so that they can complete the application faster and easier.

  • Insurance Renewal

    This is a sample renewal letter.  You can pick any fields where you want to provide additional information to customers to help them with their renewal process

  • Insurance ID Card

    This is a sample of a member’s insurance ID card.  Due to the limited number of fields, the entire card is Voice Activated so members can ask about any section of the card.

  • Insurance Welcome Kit

    This is a sample Welcome kit document that you would sent to customers who have joined your plan.  While we have selected a few fields in this sample, you can pick any section to add Voice to simplify instruction and information.